CoClean Intelligent Air Purification System

A total solution for indoor air purification, monitoring and analysis.

More effective. Minimum operational cost.

Fresh Air System

  • Difficult to implement
  • Purification efficiency diminishes quickly
  • Vents are hard to clean
  • Consumes large amounts of energy
  • Air output is noticeable、Causes dry throat
  • Spreads bacteria, Breeds mold

Traditional portable air purifier

  • Purification efficiency diminishes quickly
  • Costly periodic replacements
  • Loud fans
  • Secondary pollution

The CoClean intelligent air purification system holds clear advantages compared to traditional solutions (traditional air purifiers and fresh air units). The CoClean air purification system is simple and convenient to install, low energy, cheap, silent, and requires zero replacements. Our intelligent air purification system uses network devices to offer air purification data checking on the go, sharing, etc. This makes it possible to see current air quality and purification results immediately, and see historical data quickly and easily.

  • No filters, No replacements
  • No fans,No noise
  • Quick installation
  • Super low-energy

The 3rd-Gen Air Purification Technology.

The CoClean intelligent air purification system uses an ionizer optimized by patented technology to disperse highly active negative ions and negative oxygen ions. Negative ions can charge particles in the air like dust (PM2.5), smoke, haze, and pollen so that they bind with uncharged particles and depose, and also act as a disinfectant. It can discharge ions at a density of up to 80 million/centimeter, effectively eliminating the microscopic PM0.1 particles that filter purifiers can’t touch.






Second-hand smoke


Negative ion adsorption PM2.5
particle sedimentation


Negative ion dust/contaminant
particle sedimentation


Negative ions break down organisms such as viruses/bacteria
to produce carbon dioxide and water

Powerful purification. Third-party verified.

Received mandatory safety certifications by the EU CE and American FCC with zero radiation discovered. Also certified by the China National Institute of CMA for high efficiency purification.

*This data is provided by the Tsinghua University Lee Shau Kee House

Safe and reliable. Ozone-free.

Traditional ionization purifiers produce ozone which can stimulate the human body and accelerate aging. CoClean has specially developed purification technology to resolve the issue of ozone. Our products are certified by the China National Institute of CMA for zero ozone emission.

No fans, no noise,
enjoy clean air in peace

CoClean intelligent air purification system adopts no fans design. By releasing high-activity negative ions and negative oxygen ions, the air purification is efficient, fast and quiet, and the working sound is as low as 16 decibels.


Traditional filtration air purifiers require frequent filter changes. If the filter is not changed on time, it will cause secondary pollution and filtration will be much less effective. The CoClean intelligent air filtration system does not require filter changes or cleaning air pathways. You only need to clean it with water. Running at only 3.8W, the system only consumes .1 kWh over 24 hours of operation, so you can say goodbye to expensive operation expenses.

Filter-Free, Consumable-Free

Super-low consumption

Real-time IAQ Monitoring.
Multiple variables integrated.

Multiple parameters in one

Current temperature, relative humidity, luminosity, PM2.5, CO2,ddable CO, formaldehyde, VOCs

WeChat compatible hardware, one click connect

Install anywhere with WiFi, connect easily, and begin transmitting data

Multiple customization options, convenient installation

Small, light, color customizable

  • Temperature
  • humidity
  • luminosity
  • PM2.5
  • CO2
  • CO
  • formaldehyde
  • VOCs

Entering the era of intelligentair purification.

An proprietary intelligent air purification platform that provides intelligent air purification in any climate, it can activate or deactivate automatically according to changes in the indoor environment. Whether a single room or an entire building, it keeps air clean from floor to ceiling.

Mobile data visualization, from room, to building, scale.

The CoClean intelligent air purification system allows administrators and users alike to check air quality data. Administrators can log into the back end to monitor air quality in multiple rooms. Users can use WeChat to scan a QR code and check the air quality in the room.

Appr. 15-min installation.
No damage to walls.

  • No major installation requirements, can be installed after renovations
  • Hang a single unit in 15 minutes
  • The entire installation process is as fast as hanging a light

Dr. Wang Deyu, Tsinghua University iCenter

“The purification is highly effective. The air in our classrooms is clean from start to finish.”

Kindergarten Principal

“After installing the system, our students’ attendance rates saw a noticeable increase”

Energy saving expert

“no consumables, noise-free, and highly effective”

Tsinghua University SEM Xelerator

“The all-around smart experience is great, it can turn on and off automatically according to the conditions in the room. It’s silent and very effective.”


“We created the first smogless concept store together and have received a flood of positive feedback from our customers.”



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