Privacy policy

1. Information collection and use

(1)CoClean may ask you to provide personal information (including but not limited to your name, telephone number, or email address) and collect information about you (including but not limited to device information, daily logs, location and other characteristics records) for the purpose of creating accounts, identifying users, returning search results, and other services to improve product functionality and appearance, recommend new products/new products, etc.

(2)CoClean may combine information you provide through your account with information obtained through other CoClean or third party services in order to provide you with enhanced user experience or improve services provided by CoClean.

(3)Products and services by CoClean may contain links or information from third party products and/or services. If you submit your information to another platform or third party program, then that party may obtain your information. The third party may have different privacy policies, so please read the terms and think carefully before providing personal information. This privacy policy does not apply to information collection by any third party. CoClean has no control over the behavior of any third party, so is not responsible for how any third party collects or uses your information.

(4)CoClean will strictly follow related laws and regulations as well as the terms stated in this privacy policy when collecting and using your information. CoClean employees will not ask you for personal information unless so directed by a superior. If you encounter such a situation, you can contact CoClean directly.

2. Disclosure of information

(1)Unless stipulated by law or regulation, government request, or outlined in this privacy policy, CoClean will guard your information and will not disclose it to any third party.

(2)By signing this agreement you acknowlege that under the following circumstances, CoClean has the right to disclose your information without seeking approval:

(A)If disclosing this information is necessary to CoClean identifying, contacting, or litigating any user or individual who has infringed upon CoClean’s rights, finances, websites, users, or any other individual (including the individual’s rights or finances);

(B)CoClean may disseminate personal information to its partners or related parties in order to facilitate their representation or assistance of CoClean in processing the information. CoClean requires that the above mentioned partiex comply to the regulations set by CoClean, outlined in this privacy policy, and all relevant laws and regulations in the handling of this information.

3. Information security

(1)CoClean will work hard to ensure the safety of your information, but you should be aware that CoClean cannot completely avoid risks to your personal information (especially under circumstances outside of CoClean’s control, including factors related to third parties). Therefore, CoClean is unable to provide any guarantee or promise to of the safety and secrecy of your private information. If CoClean learns of a threat to information is has collected or that non-public information belonging to its users has been disclosed to an uninvolved third party as a result of outside actors (including but not limited to external security attacks), even if there are other conditions in this agreement exempting CoClean of responsibility, CoClean will still take the appropriate steps (including but not limited to internal investigation, reporting to legal institutions, and cooperating with law enforcement) to rectify the situation. Furthermore, CoClean will use reasonable and legal means to notify users of the divulged information as well as CoClean’s knowlege of the breach and its extent, as deemed appropriate by CoClean.

(2)You should pay close attention to the security of your personal information. For example, do not divulge your personal password, etc.



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