Portable Air Purifier

Negative Ion Purification | Small and portable | Food-grade silica gel | Worry-free with no consumables

Clean air, anywhere!

CoClean portable air purifiers are designed for improving personal respiratory health. Based on a number of patented technologies. Portable air purifiers keep your personal breathing area clean at all times.

Food-grade silica gel

Environmentally friendly, no consumables

Small and portable

Negative ion purification

Traditional air purifiers have difficulties cleaning “personal breathing area”.

CoClean portable air purifiers

focus on purifying the 1 m³ personal breathing area.

CoClean portable air purifiers put you at the center, cleaning the 1 m3 personal breathing area so that even standing right next to the source, air pollution is no longer a problem.

Traditional air purifiers

have difficulties cleaning personal breathing area

Because indoor air pollution sources are typically windows and air conditioners, the purest air in a room is often around the purifier and the air around people is always a bit worse.

Different from the traditional purifier principle, CoClean focus on negative ion purification.

CoClean use patented ionization technologies to generate highly active negative ions and negative oxygen ions. Negative ions can charge suspended particles in the air such as fine particles (PM2.5), smoke, haze and pollen so that they bind with uncharged particulate matters and settle onto the floor. They can also dehydrogenate and thus deactivate organic particles like bacteria and viruses.


Negative ions charge PM2.5 particles negatively and settle them down onto uncharged collectors


Charged and uncharged PM2.5 particles bind together and settle down


Negative ions decompose viruses, bacteria and other organic particles, producing CO2 and water

300 million1ions / cm³effectively reduce pollutants in the air

Normally or in the forest there are approximately 20,000 ions / cm³.

CoClean portable air purifier produces 3,000,000 ions / cm³.

The negative ions combine the oxygen in the air to form negative oxygen ions. Negative oxygen ions are like “vitamins in the air”, stimulating brain activity and reducing fatigue.

1Measured within a distance of 15cm

Dust | Pollen | Second-hand Smoke | Bacteria | Viruses

Display of purification effects


The CoClean portable air purifier produces ions as much as those found in the forest, with up to 3,000,000 ions / cm³ in a 1 m³ radius, producing zero ozone at the same time. Compared to larger, more traditional air purifiers, ours is quieter, healthier, greener, and requires no supplies.

1Ozone monitoring results: Not Detected


No fans


No consumables

Food-grade silica gel certified by the FDA

High quality for treasured people

The exclusive silicon protective sleeves for Kumamon portable air purifier have been certified for food-grade silica gel by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA)1.

1Test item: FDA 21 CFR 177.2600

"Negative Ion Flow" Braided Rope + Anti-lock Safety BuckleYou are cared in every respect

Kumamon portable air purifier exclusively developed the "negative ion current braided rope",which can effectively improve the effects of negative ion purification by connecting with the conductor.We have also carefully added anti-lock safety, buckles to the braided ropes to make sure that our users are safe and sound in case of emergency..



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