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As the leader in third-generation air purification technology, CoClean is a perfect marriage of dust particle air purification technology and beautiful industrial design. With the development of a portable air purifier, home air purifier, and smart air purification system, we can meet the purification needs of the individual, household, school, and more.



This is a new, multi-hundred billion dollar market

With raging smog becoming more and more present, we are no longer a stranger to air filters, but can installing an air filter at home really allow us to breath safely and healthily? The age of protecting the breathing safety of the individual is already at hand.

  • Core technology jointly developed by Tsinghua University and UCLA
  • First car air filter on
  • A variety of products for the family to the individual
  • No replacements ever for any product in the series
  • Recommended by a number of media organizations including CCTV and Beijing Television Station

CoClean channel strategies and options

We hope that potential retail partners will gain a thorough understanding of our technology and products’ selling points and use their abundant sale resources to promote quality products across multiple channels. When you partner with the CoClean brand, we will work hard to provide excellent business opportunities.

Online CoClean Distributors

The CoClean brand supports cooperation with sellers who have online sales resources (online stores, rewards markets, app markets etc). We provide brand licensing, product image material, product technical support, and periodic benefits support.

Offline CoClean Distributors

The CoClean brand supports cooperation with sellers who have offline sales resources (offline storefronts, gift channels). We provide brand licensing, offline display resources, product technical support, and BD on-site promotion support.

High-end Brand Distributors

Targeting only the very top of highly influential, high end brand retailers, we provide independent display design for offline stores that fit the CoClean product style and the individual characteristics of the store. An added air purification demonstration helps customers get an even better first experience with our products. We will bring in a professional even designer to provide unique product promotion and retail event designs.

We provide assistance in
every step of development

We use clearly defined guidelines and targeted methods to support our network of partners across channels. All new partners must go through our comprehensive entry-training plan. The plan is designed to help shop owners and sales teams prepare for success.

We will also provide a regional sales manager to provide business suggestions and analysis, sales trainers and training, as well as comprehensive sales support.

As one of our sales partners, you can contact our support team at any time. We are happy to reach out a helping hand to solve all of your problems be they small daily sales consulting issues or big national sales events.

Hear our retail partners speak out

“Smog and PM2.5 have become hot topics nationwide. We introduced CoClean because we thought the product’s appearance was fresh and sharp with a strong design, and the product concept completely eclipsed that of traditional air purifiers. All our employees have at least bought one. This year we plan to introduce them to more than 20 Lenovo boutique stores across the country so that more consumers in different regions can experience the freshness .”

——Mr. Sun Lenovo 3C Service Store Owner
Store address: L103 New Zhongguan Shopping Center at 19 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District

“The CoClean manufacturers are the most cooperative manufactures I’ve ever worked with! They arranged a number of offline promotional events for my brick and mortar store. Their events are new and fresh, and their promoters are extremely professional. We’ve run out of stock several times during the Nanjing smog season. This year we are making CoClean our spearhead to take on the air purification market here at Brookstone.

——Mr. Zhao, Brookstone Product Director

Will you become our next retail partner?

We hope to work with businesses that are confident in their sales ability and have a passion for CoClean products. Specifically, we are searching for individuals and businesses the meet the following criteria:

  • Puts the customer first
  • Earnestly strives for success
  • Experienced and possessing local regional sales knowledge
  • Happy and open with a network of contacts in the local business world
  • Ambitious and eager to operate a number of stores

Smart air purification system

An air purification system that is quick to install, low-energy, requires no replacements, and is highly intelligent. The air quality solution choses by well-known educational institutions and offices.The CMA confirmed excellent purification quality in live tests.

  • Core technology jointly developed by Tsinghua University and UCLA, air purification technology 3.0
  • CMA certified for quick smog dispersion with 0 ozone emissions
  • The air purification solution chosen by world-class learning institutions, it is already being used to clean a total area of over 100,000 sq meters
  • An indoor solutions that is noiseless, requires no replacements, is low-energy, and features quick installation
  • The indoor air purification solution recommended by CCTV “Approaches to Science”, BTV News Channel, Xinhua News, and China News Network

The smart air purification system chosenby top schools and companies


We provide assistance
in every step of development

Technical Support

We will provide professional technical advice for distribution partners, solve their difficult problems, and provide them with the latest technical information, program upgrades, and troubleshooting solutions via posts, emails, or through the website.

Model Room Support

We will instruct distribution partners to build air purification model rooms in local governments, scientific research institutes, financial institutions, and medical establishments, to allow customers to closely and intuitively experience the effects of the CoClean product series’ purification process.

Marketing Training

We will provide distribution partners with free technical support and marketing training, i.e., regular technical and marketing guidance from professional engineers during the collaboration.

After-Sales Support

We will provide comprehensive product warranty and maintenance services for distribution partners, to save them from any after-sales difficulties, through a comprehensive after-sales service process.



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