Air quality guard for kids

A portable air purifier is the guardian of your child’s air sanitation

Negative Ion Purification | Small and portable | Food-grade silica gel | Worry-free with no consumables

Buses, Classrooms, Playgrounds
Kids want to say “No” to air pollution

As air pollution garners more attention from the public, air purifiers have become a household necessity for many households.
Public places frequented by children like buses, classrooms, and playgrounds are often full of air pollution.

We care about every breath

Air quality guard for kids uses an ionizer optimized by CoClean®patented technology to disperse highly active negative ions and negative oxygen ions.
Negative ions can charge particles in the air like dust (PM2.5), smoke, haze, and pollen so that they bind with uncharged particulate matters and depose.
They can also dehydrogenate and thus deactivate organic particles like bacteria and viruses.

3 million1ions/cm³
Sweeps away air pollution in a single stroke

In our everyday environment or in the forest there are approximately 20,000 ions/cm³。CoClean®produces 3 million ions/cm³。
The negative ions combine with the oxygen in the air to form negative oxygen ions. negative oxygen ions are like vitamins in the air, stimulating brain activity and reducing fatigue.

¹Measured within a distance of 15cm

No ozone, No radiation
Authoritative Third, Party Organization

The CoClean®ionizer produces ions at the same levels found in a forrest, with up to 3 million ions / cm3 in a 1m³ radius. Inspected by an authoritative third-party organization,CoClean®’s patented optimizations to ionization purifying technology produces no ozone or radiation during purification.

Food-grade silica gel approved by the FDA
Rare quality for precious people

The exclusive air quality guard for kids silicon protective sleeve has passed inspection for Food-grade silica gel by the American Food and Drug Administration¹.
When Kiddo is safe, Mom and Dad can rest easy.

¹inspection item: FDA 21 CFR 177.2600

12 hour standby time for ‘round the clock protection from when you open the door to when you come back home

No consumables, Noise-Free, Green

Air quality guard for kids does not require replacements, produces no noise, and does not add any extra responsibilities to your child’s routine. The purifier can run for 12 hours on just a 1 hour charge, protecting your child throughout the day.

    No consumables     Noise-Free

“Negative ion current” cord + child’s safety buckle
All-around protection

Air quality guard for kids features an exclusive “negative ion current cord” conduction to effectively elevate negative ion purification.
We’ve also added a child’s safety buckle, so that even in emergency situations, your child will be safe.

A design chosen by children for children

It’s so lucky to meet you

Professional PM2.5, temperature, and humidity monitor
Your household smart air management

It’s so lucky to meet you! The CoClean®intelligent center uses PM2.5 laser sensors to monitor the air pollution in a room 24/7. Highly accurate temperature and humidity sensors keep a close watch how cold, hot, dry, or moist the air in the room is, allowing you to maintain comfortable living conditions at all times.

Check indoor air quality at any time on your smart phone
Manage your air more intelligently

You can use WeChat to check the quality of your purified air, check and share your air quality status.
Your child deserves protection whether at home or out and about.

Product name

Air quality guard for kids

Air Quality Guard for Kids Intelligent Set

Cell-scale Negative Ion Purification
Purification radius 1㎡ 1㎡/4㎡(same functionality as the Intelligent Center)
Food-grade silica gel
Environmentally friendly with no consumables
PM2.5, temperature and humidity monitoring
Check air quality on the cell phone


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