1m³personal protection|Negative Ion Purification|Noise-Free with no consumables|PM2.5 concentration monitoring

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Purification + Monitoring a perfect combination

CoClean®is a healthy breathing system developed especially for the individual. A wearable purifier built on multiple patented technologies keeps the air around you clean at all times.

A super sensitive air quality sensor center facilitates constant monitoring of indoor air quality. Separable, Combinable, Purification + Monitoring a perfect combination

Carry it with you

Effective purification

Highly active negative ion


Personal purifier

Pollutant monitoring

Temperature and humidity monitoring

Check on your cell phone

Smart services

Intelligent center

Large, traditional air purifiers have difficulty cleaning your “personal breathing area”


Focuses on purifying the air in a 1m³ radius around you

CoClean® puts you at the center, cleaning the air in a cubic meter around you so that even standing right next to the source, air pollution is no longer a problem.

Traditional portable air purifier

have difficulty cleaning your “personal breathing area”

Because of sources of pollution like windows and air conditioners, the purest air is always around the purifier and the air around people is always a bit worse.

An air purifier that can be hung around your neck
Air purifier

CoClean®ionization purifier

Highly active negative ion|Noise-Free with no consumables|Portable|Cleans a radius of 1m³

Traditional filtration purifier

Filtered air is impure|Required periodic replacements|Fans create noise

300 million¹ ions/cm³,effectively disperse pollutants in the air

CoClean®uses an ionizer optimized by patented technology to disperse highly active negative ions and negative oxygen ions. Negative ions can

charge particles in the air like dust (PM2.5), smoke, haze, and pollen so that they bind with uncharged particulate matters and depose.

They can also dehydrogenate and thus deactivate organic particles like bacteria and viruses.

¹Measured within a distance of 15cm
Dust Pollen Secondhand Smoke Bacteria Viruses

Display of purification effects

Fresh air you can smell

In our everyday environment or in the forest there are approximately 20,000 ions / cm³.CoClean®produces 3 million ions / cm³.

The negative ions combine with the oxygen in the air to form negative oxygen ions. negative oxygen ions are like vitamins in the air, stimulating brain activity and reducing fatigue.

0 ozone¹,0 radiation,0 noise,0 replacements

The CoClean®ionizer produces ions at the same levels found in a forest, with up to 3 million ions / cm³ in a 1m³ radius, at the same time producing zero ozone. Compared to larger, more traditional air purifiers, ours is quieter, healthier, greener, and requires no supplies.

¹Ozone monitoring results: None

Air monitoring intelligent center

The CoClean®intelligent center uses PM2.5 laser sensors to monitor the air pollution in a room 24/7. Highly accurate temperature and humidity sensors keep a close watch how cold, hot, dry, or moist the air in the room is, allowing you to maintain comfortable living conditions at all times.

Real time monitoring on your smart phone
Indoor air quality¹

You can check the quality of the air indoors at any time using WeChat² or the official app (coming soon). You can also see how much air has been purified, share and check air quality rankings. If you’ve got clean air, you might as well share it.

¹Please make sure that your intelligent center is plugged in and connected to the internet at all times
²Phone must have WeChat installed

Charge two devices with a single touch

CoClean®features a unique magnetized charger. Place the purifier on top of the intelligent center to charge them both.

The magnetized charger can be connected to and charge the intelligent center, or it can independently charge the purifier. A two in one charger.

The magnetized charger

can also connect to and charge the purifier
Charge for 1 hour, purify for 12 hours

Easy and convenient freshness with every step

Simple and Warm is the perfect description of the products nearest to our hearts

These words should describe every product that touches your life,

Air purifiers are not an exception.

Carefully polished packaging and accessories

Package contents: portable air purifier, intelligent center, silicon strap, magnetic charger, user manual, warranty certificate, maintenance card



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