Portable Vacuum Cleaner
Small size,powerful heart
Small and portable | strong suction | handheld and wireless | fast charging

Small and portable

5000Pa suction

handheld and wireless

1.5h fast charging

It is small and portable and can be stored in car with ease.
Occupying little place and easy to install, it can be stored in console storage box, cup holder, door pocket, and other places.
29.8cmHeight 7cmDiameter 60%Smaller than similar products

As the size comparison data is obtained through the esting of several similar best-selling products picked by a laboratory in Beijing Zhongqing (CoClean) Technologies Co., Ltd., the result may differ depending on sample quantity and measurement method.

Patent number of vacuum cleaner appearance: ZL 2018030422792.0

  • Door pocket

  • Cup holder

  • Console storage box

Strong suction
It can suck up dust and residue easily.
It adopts multi-stage cyclone pressurization, producing a maximum suction of 5,000 Pa. The turbine blade design and highly-efficient and powerful 32,000 rev/min motor allow it to easily suck up paper scrap, cigarette ash, hair, chips residue, melon seeds, coins, etc.
5000paMaximum suction 32000rpmMaximum rotational speed

The above third party test result is obtained from TÜV SÜD Certification.
Report number: No.; No.

A handheld and wireless
device that covers each corner of the car.
It is a wireless device, which is safe to use and easy to move around since there is no cable. It can perform in-depth clean of hard-to-reach corners.
Fast charging
It can be used to clean an entire car four times on a single charge.
It adopts 12V/2A fast charging technology, and can be fully charged in 1.5 hours. Two high-performance power batteries are artfully placed inside the handle, placing the center of gravity in the back of the device, thus making it comfortable to hold and providing a strong and lasting power source for 13 minutes of full-speed operation.
2x2000mAhPower battery 1.5hFast charging

The user test data from a laboratory in Beijing Zhongqing (CoClean) Technologies Co., Ltd. shows it takes approximately 3-4 minutes to clean the interior of a family car. The results may differ depending on objective environmental factors and individual usage.

The test results for charging time and battery life are obtained from TÜV SÜD Certification. Report number: No.

HEPA cleansing ensures a cleaner car.
It adopts a two-stage filtration system consisting of a prefilter and a HEPA 11-level filter. The former filters large dust particles and residues, and the latter filters dust particles as small as 0.3 microns to prevent secondary pollution.

You can purchase “CoClean HEPA filter set” separately.

Based on EN1822-3 (2009) test standard, the actual test is performed by an independent third-party laboratory under specified test conditions.
Report number: No. ABR GN:201808311015361

A LED light provides wide-angle illumination
and tangible caring.
It is equipped with a LED light to provide wide-angle illumination to make up for situations with inadequate lightning and keep complicated environment well-lighted.
  • Wide-angle illumination

  • One-key switch
    Dust suction and illumination

Flexible double-function
suction nozzle helps to deal with complicated in-car environment.
The flexible double-function design covers both flat nose and brush head. The former offers in-depth clean of the gaps, and the latter cleans the stubborn dirt within the car. You can switch the functions at any time.
  • Flat nose

  • Brush head

It adopts patented ventilation design
to avoid blowing air in the face and the hand, and prevent dust from flying.
It adopts an innovative ventilation structure to blow internal air to two sides at the back to avoid blowing the dust on the ground or in the hands and the face of the user.

Patent number of ventilation structure: ZL 201821312546.0

It can also be used for home cleaning.
It can be used for cleaning the surfaces of many objects, such as bed, sofa, table, keyboard, etc. You can buy a separate “CoClean household power adapter” for use at home.
  • Bed

  • Keyboard

  • Sofa

  • Table

Product list
Standard Edition:
1Main device 2Flexible double-function suction nozzle 3In-car charger
5HEPA filter set (pre-installed on the main device) 6Registration card 7user manual
Dual Full Suite Edition (Standard Edition + Home Adapter):
1Main device 2Flexible double-function suction nozzle 3In-car charger 4Home adapter
5HEPA filter set (pre-installed on the main device) 6Registration card 7user manual
Product parameters
Product name CoClean® Portable Vacuum Cleaner
Product model CoClean - FC
Maximum suction 5000 Pa
Charging time 1.5 h
Operating time 13 min
Dust cup capacity ≈100 mL
Net weight 0.56 kg
Product noise ≤65 dB
Battery capacity Li- ion 7.2 V 2000 mAh
Rated voltage 7.2 V
Rated power 80 W
Standards GB 4706.1- 2005
GB 4706.7- 2014


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