CoClean® Manganese charcoal package for removal16 packages/box
Long-term active manganese removes formaldehyde thoroughly.
Active manganese and charcoal | long-term cleansing | military technology | timely reminder
The main manganese material catalyzes and decomposes formaldehyde efficiently.
The cover is made from active manganese material, such material is patented with “active manganese decomposition technology” of the national 863 scientific achievements. It can accurately decompose formaldehyde into H2O and CO2. The rate of formaldehyde removal reaches up to 97%* through active manganese material alone.

Report number: GHHJ-JB-Q-2014-082

The iodine value of super-porous active charcoal
reaches up to 1,243mg/g*.
The active charcoal absorbs various free form harmful gases simultaneously, including ammonia, benzene, and peculiar smell, grasping pollutants firmly. It collaborates with active manganese to remove the air pollution in the room.
Diagram under scanning electron microscope:
CoClean active charcoal
Common active charcoal

Report number: 1812162

Military technology with active charcoal to ensure double activation and strong adsorption.
The active charcoal in CoClean® Manganese charcoal package for formaldehyde removal is supplied by Shanxi Xinhua Chemical Co., Ltd., which is the same charcoal particles used in military gas mask. It adopts advanced glue-free molding technology to ensure double activation to increase activity. The number of micropore of active charcoal is 300 to 500 times that of common active charcoal, and can absorb various free form harmful gases simultaneously, including ammonia, benzene, and peculiar smell, grasping pollutants firmly.

The supplier Shanxi Xinhua Chemical Co., Ltd. is involved in drafting China Active Charcoal Standards and Experiment Methods.

Dual function of manganese and charcoal provides a more throughout effect.
In CoClean® Manganese charcoal package, the active manganese can decompose formaldehyde effectively and the active charcoal can absorb ammonia, benzene, and peculiar smell firmly. Dual cleanses, thoroughly remove pollutants.
97.0%Rate of formaldehyde removal 92.1%Rate of benzene removal 94.1%Rate of ammonia removal

Report number:KJ20182253

Long-term decomposition, less replacement needed due to sunless design.
As the catalyst decomposing formaldehyde, active manganese has a long lifespan and slow activity loss. It can be used in sunless situations. While the traditional charcoal package needs to be exposed to the sun frequently to extend the life span, which results in quick activity loss and short service life.

The data is obtained from experiments by the manufacturing company and the company reserves all rights for final interpretation within the statutory scope.

Timely reminder for replacement.
According to the World Health Organization, the formaldehyde release in a newly-decorated room will last for 3 to 5 years. The service life of common active charcoal packages is 2 to 3 months. But CoClean® Manganese charcoal package for formaldehyde removal has 18 months of service life and 9 to 12 months of optimal life.
Glue-free edge sealing design, harmless and worry-free.
The glue-free edge sealing design avoids pollution. Heat press edge sealing method ensures tight pressing and strong air permeability, which guarantees the effect of the manganese-charcoal package,
Separately sealed packing to ensure the freshness of every package.
After being produced, each CoClean® Manganese charcoal package for formaldehyde removal will be immediately sealed and packed separately to avoid contacting water and air during transportation and storage to prevent the cleansing effect from weakening.
Cleansing pollutants in car and room,providing fresh air for you to breath.
A box of manganese charcoal package can cleanse the air of a room of 40㎡or a medium-sized vehicle. You can increase or decrease the dosage according to area size.
Product parameter
Product name: CoClean® Manganese charcoal package for formaldehyde removal
Product model: CoClean-DF100
Product specification 800 g(50g*16 packages)
Product weight: 900g
Product size: 121×76mm
Package size: 178×152×145mm
Warranty period: 3 years (unopened)


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